HELLO AND WELCOME to Digital Designer Studio!

Digital Designer Studio was born out of a conversation with a fellow designer lamenting about the lack of resources when looking for clip art or digital files that allowed for resale licensing. That simply didn’t exist in the digital cutter world. Until now. Digital Designer Studio was created to fill that void.  We are the only design studio that sells digital images to other designers via our Redistribution Licensing with the allowance of incorporation into their existing designs for subsequent commercial sales.

We offer files for digitizing and digital cutters in SVG, AI and EPS format.  Along with three tiers of licensing: Personal Use, Commercial Use and Redistribution Licensing.

  • Personal Use licensing allows for the hobbyist’s usage of our files to create physical end products for themselves, friends and family.
  • Commercial Use licensing allows for a business or hobbyist to use our files as part of a larger design that they may then sell to a third party for the purpose of creating a physical end product.
  • Redistribution Licensing is the licensing we’re most excited about. Redistribution Licensing allows an established, approved designer the ability to purchase our files, incorporate them into their own design and sell that file in digital format to a third party. Yes, you read that right…when you purchase a file with Redistribution Licensing you may use that file in your own digital design that you can then sell in your shop! No more searching for public domain imagery and worrying about how well it may or may not trace. No more worrying about image origins and whether or not it truly has passed into public domain. All images at Digital Designer Studio are original creations, start to finish, and available for purchase to be used as an element or part of a larger design in your creation!If you are an established designer interested in using Digital Designer Studio as a resource to supplement your designs, click on the ‘Redistribution’ button above and let’s get started!